Why do you worry so much about cleaning your facility? 

It’s probably because a large part of your budget gets allocated to janitorial services and that is always a huge motivation to make sure that program works well.  Then, if you are managing an in-house team of custodians and supervisors you’re probably spending a lot of time trying to train and develop your team while also making sure they have all the tools necessary to complete the job efficiently.  And last, but not least, your building occupants are YOUR customers and you have a lot of them!

It’s hard to match the efficiency levels that outsourced janitorial services can provide with in-house employees for one simple fact: we specialize in this!  Companies that provide professional cleaning services to other companies have specialized equipment, supplies and training.  It’s part of the whole package.  We have access to vendors, training programs, industry experts, and typically a pool of employees for vacation and sick employee replacement.  We can support you and your operation, and do what we do best, clean!

Many facility managers are juggling a variety of responsibilities that can range from janitorial services to key control, utilities to space management, and construction projects to waste removal.  Still, even more often, facility managers have a small team to support all of these programs.  Managing a janitorial team can eat up a lot of your time, and energy.  There are a variety of programs offered by professionals that are designed to manage the full scope of cleaning services, or supplement an existing in-house program.  Let’s talk.  Let us help. sales@dfscompany.com