Cut Costs Without Reducing Services

How many times have you had to review your budget and make some tough decisions?  We’ve all done it.  No business, building, or campus is immune to budget cuts.  When it comes to janitorial services, reducing staff has a big impact on the team’s ability to maintain existing service levels. When your building occupants have become accustomed to a level of service and those expectations aren’t met, things become that much more challenging. But cutting costs doesn’t always mean you’re forced to reduce staff, and reduce services.  Review the different facets of your janitorial program to identify areas for costs savings without necessarily trimming staff and chopping services.


Purchasing ‘ready-to-use’ chemicals is expensive, creates a lot of waste, and opens the door for human error.  Distributing individual bottles of glass cleaner, multipurpose cleaner and disinfectant to supply closets can be cumbersome and wastes so much time.  With dilution control systems chemicals are purchased in concentrated form and dispensed using the proper chemical dose so that employees don’t have to manually dilute. Prelabeled spray bottles are easily filled when empty with the same diluted chemical solution.  Dilution control systems generate less waste, eliminate the opportunity to overuse concentrated chemical, and save money.


Advanced floor machines increase productivity.  Floor technicians can cover a greater area of floor, in less time, with the appropriate floor machine.  Technicians can also adjust the level of dilution for different areas and different floors.  A heavily soiled floor may require a stronger chemical solution while in other areas only water is appropriate.  A technician can adjust without having to empty and refill tanks as often.  Time is money right?  When productivity rises, your program benefits.  Employees can be moved to areas that need more attention, or frequencies can be improved.

Partner with Your Contractor

You’ve hired an expert with the knowledge and experience to support your facility.  Partner with your janitorial service provider.  Get recommendations for more efficient cleaning methods, identify cost saving options, and create a relationship you can depend on.