Everything Counts – DFS Management Training 2018

Every year DFS sets aside time to bring together our onsite directors, manager and HR support staff for a DFS Management Training & Conference.  The event goes by a number of names….training, retreat, conference, meeting.  Whatever we choose to call it, it’s certainly an event that we all look forward to every year.  This year, the event theme was “Everything Counts”.  We posted Success Posters around the office that highlighted a success at each and every one of our locations.  No matter how big or how small, “Everything Counts” and this year we celebrate success!

Usually during the event we talk about client relations, new forms, new technology, and other resources that are important for our teams to be successful.  This year though, we focused totally on the development of our employees.  We focused on developing management skills.  We focused on communication tools and developing the skills to help us listen, and respond, to our employees and our colleagues.  We learned, we grew, we became a stronger team.

It’s not all about classes and training though.  There are some activities and fun mixed into the two days we spend together.  Overall though, it brings a team of people together who are spread out across the US.  We talk to, learn from, have fun with, and listen to each other.  We have the time to connect with people we don’t see every day.  And it reminds us how many people are all working towards the same goal, every day.  No matter where you are – whether it be San Antonio, New York, Burbank or Alsip – we’re all working together!  We’re reminded that together we can make a difference in our employees’ lives and all of those around us.  WE can influence other people’s daily lives.  WE make the world a little cleaner. WE make an impact.  #DFS2018 #EverythingCounts”

Giving Thanks. A note from Mark Wright

As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving and count our blessings, I want to take a moment to express my gratitude for those that I am the most thankful.

I am especially thankful to our employees who have consistently provided exceptional service and delivery of outstanding results since the company was founded in 2002. This tireless drive is what has made our company a leading service provider both regionally and nationally.   We could not have accomplished this much in 15 years without you!

To our customers, none of this would be possible if not for your partnership and commitment to our family.  You motivate and challenge us to continually meet and exceed expectations. Our customers are truly our partners – we share a mutual trust and a desire to achieve long-term success, together.

Wishing the happiest of Thanksgiving holidays to my DFS Family, our Partners and all of your families!

Mark Wright, DFS President

Meet Raquel ‘Rockie’ Mata

raquel-mataShe’s been with DFS since 2002 and is our most tenured employee.  Anyone who has worked with DFS in the Chicago market has probably met Rockie once or twice.  And you know, she’s one of a kind!

In 2002 Raquel joined the team as a Customer Service Manager.  Since that time she’s acted as an Operations Manager at both Midway International Airport, and O’Hare International Airport Terminal 5, Regional Operations Manager, and currently holds our Senior Director of Operations position in the Chicagoland area market.  Overseeing her portfolio of contracts, Raquel is all over Chicago, visiting sites, meeting with our customers, and interacting with over 500 employees in Illinois and Indiana on any given day.

As one of our strongest operations team members, Rockie brings to the table her extensive experience in janitorial services/methods and equipment, knowledge of the aviation industry, a true love for terrazzo stone floor care and infinite knowledge on carpet care.  She has outstanding leadership skills and a unique but great character.  “I’m not too cocky, but there is no other Rockie ?” {smiley face included in her quote}.

What’s your favorite memory of being a DFS employee?

dfsOpenHouse_8-25-15Well, I have way too many great memories as a DFS employee, but the one that stands out the most right now is when we opened our new headquarters in 2015.  Back in 2002, Mark and I worked out of a 10’x10’ janitor closet.  Thirteen years later we moved into a 20,000sf building with warehouse space, and I now have my own parking space too {which was claimed but doesn’t actually have her name on it}.  It was such an overwhelming feeling to look back at everything that I’ve accomplished as DFS employee 001, celebrating our grand opening day and our successes. I shed a couple tears, along with some who (shall remain nameless) really cried it out that day.  Both DFS and I have grown over these last 15 years.  To this day, I am still so proud to be a part of the DFS family.

When asked if there was anything else she wanted to be sure was included in this article, Rockie said:

I sincerely appreciate all of our Operations Managers and Employees for being such a huge part of our growth.  I’ve always loved working in Operations because our front-line employees are the ones who make good things happen for us every day.  DFS couldn’t have succeeded this far without their hard work, their passion and their dedication to DFS!  DFS Operations Department rocks! I love you all!

We’ll end this one on that humble note…

The Many Faces of…..DFS


It’s been 15 years since DFS first opened the doors.  While most of you know DFS as a janitorial services company, we are so much more!  Did you know that within our Senior Leadership group we have over 50 years of combined facility management experience?  Did you know that Mark’s first employee is still with DFS today and is a senior leader of the Operations team?  Did you know that we do more than janitorial and we can provide a number of services to support your facility?  Did you know that we now have a warehouse with supplies and equipment available for projects and emergency services? Meet our team….get to know members of the DFS family as we share their stories, their successes, and their involvement in the growth of DFS.  Leading up to our 15th anniversary – September 25, 2017 – we’ll be featuring employees, service programs, and the DFS culture on our social media pages. Follow us now on Twitter and LinkedIn and help us share our story.