Top 3 Reasons to Get Carpets Cleaned Regularly



The term ‘Regularly’ here is a general term used to describe a scheduled or planned frequency that occurs repeatedly within a set time-frame.  The true definition of ‘Regularly’ here is directly related to several variables including:

  • the amount of

DisInfecto and Tidy Bot: Newest DFS Team Members

New Team Members 2-2016

DFS has emerged as a leader in the janitorial services industry.  With over 800 employees across the country, a presence coast-to-coast in 7 states across the US, and three corporate offices in Illinois, California and Texas, DFS has grown up …

Grime Watch Wednesdays

Kitchen Utensils

Hosting any holiday meals at your house? While our dishes, silverware and counters get a lot of attention, we should all spend some time cleaning a few more things. Utensils like rubber spatulas and can openers are some …

Grime Watch Wednesdays

Purses & Handbags

Ladies – stop putting your bags on the floor! Hang it on a hook whenever possible, especially in public bathrooms. AND keep your bag off the kitchen counter. …